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Get Referrals by Following the Law of Contribution

As to the challenge of the referral theory, I tend to listen to my own drummer. There are so many resources about marketing “advice” and I often wonder if it isn't best to keep thoughts under my hat.  Everyone has a theory and certainly there are books and workshops which can challenge paradigms. 

For 30 years my thought about referrals has been:  “Don’t worry about it”

Referrals are a symptom.  I believe if you are committed, have amazing service, and over the top with your delivery... you get referrals.  

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The Only Two Questions You Need to Ask for Success [video]

Tough time with success?  Don't worry about being motivated.  Forget about trying to be inspired.  Instead you will think about the two questions in this video:

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Inspiring Simon Sinek Video: Understanding Business

As you watch the inspirational Simon Sinek video, you will remember something that Zig Ziglar once said about business success.

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Stop Making Rules, Leadership Needs More 'P' Words.


Are leaders born, bred, trained or created?  Here are leadership quotes to ponder. Some are mine .... others I picked up from those who are much wiser than I.

The letter "P" should be the first letter of the alphabet. Here are (phun) Proclamations phor People to Ponder. 

  • Use the "P" Triad for each decision: People, Purpose, Profit. - Michael Hartzell
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