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izik - The Search Engine for Tablets

izik (pronounced EYE-zik) is an application for tablets that allows you to search, explore and discover the Web. Tablets are getting further integrated into our lives in a fun and functional way. With izik, our goal is to have the practicality of the Web unfold at your fingertips in a fun and playful manner."

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Cloudee for unlimited video storage and playback

Share videos privately with family and close friends with Cloudee now for free on iPhone, Mac or PC.

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AddThis Floating Vertical Buttons to Your Website or Blog

Adding vertical sharing buttons are pretty simple and the software is free.  You can add the vertical buttons by following the steps in the video below:

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Send a Free Fax Online from Anywhere and Anytime of Day

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Free Online Appointment Booking Software: vCita

Instant Scheduling with vCita

Visitors and clients can request a meeting from your website, email, social network or directory listing.

vCita is an easy way to interact with your clients and visitors online.  vCita helps you generate more leads from your website, blog, email or social networks.  It is easy to set up.

Then vCita takes care of everything you need to manage your clients and provide services - from exchanging messages, scheduling, meeting online or over the phone and collecting payments.

vCita provides a meeting scheduler, online video meeting room, phone conference service, online payment system and a single management dashboard.

vCita enhances your online presence, making it more actionable. Anyone can start using vCita for free, as a standalone contact webpage or incorporate it into any existing website, blog or social network page.

Whether you run a business, a blogger, a consultant, a coach, a lawyer, a financial advisor, a medical professional, you can start using vCita for free.

While I have been using TimeTrade for three years and a very big fan, vCita has a few added features which will compilement TimeTrade very well.  Give it a try.

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News: Free Video Hosting and Player Available from Wistia

A free video player and online video hosting solution has just been introduced by Wistia.  If you are a video marketing guru, you already know about Wistia and their unique video services.  If you are still searching for that special solution, here is something for you to consider:

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How to Easily Recover Lost Data in Forms When Using Firefox

Issues with data loss when working online with Firefox have reminded me how the use of Firefox with the "Lazarus add-on" can save you big headaches.  Lazarus is the Firefox add-on that allows you to recover any data lost during a crash or similar problem by just right clicking on the box you lost it from. This would work for any lost information including progress notes.  Great backup tool. I highly recommend it.  You can use it at home too. 

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How to Meet in the Middle with Online Software Tools

Meeting in the middle?  You are probably interested in a place not too convenient for them and are willing to go just a little out of the way.  There are many reasons that you will need to meet in the middle but when you begin the conversation:  "Where should we meet?" ... neither seems to familiar with the area in the middle.   You are already familiar with where to find meeting rooms in Seattle or the Pacific NorthWest but once you travel beyond your usual territory, the GPS is only partially helpful.

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Voicemail Widget for Your Website or Facebook: Speakpipe

Want to listen to your website visitors, customers or readers?  SpeakPipe lets you set up a voicemail widget on your website or add the voicemail application to your Facebook page.

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FellowUp: Personal assistant to manage a large social media network

FellowUp is a personal assistant to manage your unmanageably large network. 

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