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Cloudee for unlimited video storage and playback

cloudee3Share videos privately with family and close friends with Cloudee now for free on iPhone, Mac or PC.

•    Unlimited storage for all your iPhone videos
•    Easy private video sharing with family and close friends
•    Upload and manage from your phone or your computer
•    Watch videos on any device or web browser in stunning quality - including your TV.

Upload to the cloud and free your phone

The iPhone makes it easier than ever to capture videos, but in most cases these videos just sit on your phone until you run out of space.  Cloudee gives you unlimited storage for all of those memories where you’ll never have to worry about running out of space or losing them.

Videos on your computer?

You can share them now from your computer. Not every video you might want to share is on your iPhone. With the Cloudee Uploader any video on your computer can be shared just as easily as on your iPhone.

Watch videos on a computer, phone, or tablet

Since Cloudee stores your videos on the Internet, you and the friends you share with can watch them from any web browser.  Your family and friends don't need to have a fancy phone or a Cloudee account to watch the videos you share.

Cloudee is still in BETA, which means that as a thank you for being an early adopter, you’ll get free unlimited storage for everything you upload during the BETA period. Once we release the full version of Cloudee, you’ll have free storage for life for all those videos, but may need to upgrade to a premium account to continue to upload additional videos.

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