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FellowUp: Personal assistant to manage a large social media network

FellowUp is a personal assistant to manage your unmanageably large network. 

FellowUp puts your ENTIRE network a touch away. Easily manage information about all your contacts from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and other social networks.

How to use FellowUp?

Here are some ways to use FellowUp for your personal and professional network:

✔ See information about key people in your day – Going to meet someone? Use fellowup to get updated about the person complete profile, notes, and reminders.

✔ Remember everything about everyone – want to keep information about someone? Use fellowup to enter notes and reminders about that person.

✔ Just met someone new? Simply take a photo of their business card, add a quick note, and that’s it – you just synced your fellowup account.

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