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Namebird for unraveling the puzzle to pick a domain name

While you struggle with crossword puzzles and avoid domain name research because the "they are all taken", you might find Namebird helpful for picking a domain name.

shobia namebird

Start by entering a few letters into the Basic Word Maker in the left sidebar then pushing Make Words. For instance, putting in starts with 'cro' results in some fairly cool words like 'crowtube.'

Using Connect the Dots can be a great method too and a lot of fun. For instance, we put in starts with 'a' and ends in 'za' and got words like actoza.

Clicking on Edit Word lets you use two powerful features, Word Zap and Get Similar, on words you found.

Tools such as Namebird help you go beyond your current box.  When you find a few you like, be sure to say them alound.  If they sound like they could be spelled four different ways, you will want to go back to the drawing board.

Warning label:  Avoid at all costs responding to each new idea by purchasing a new domain name. It won't be long before you have hundreds of domain names sitting on a shelf unused. Don't become a hoarder.

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