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News: Free Video Hosting and Player Available from Wistia

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A free video player and online video hosting solution has just been introduced by Wistia.  If you are a video marketing guru, you already know about Wistia and their unique video services.  If you are still searching for that special solution, here is something for you to consider:

How to Easily Recover Lost Data in Forms When Using Firefox


Issues with data loss when working online with Firefox have reminded me how the use of Firefox with the "Lazarus add-on" can save you big headaches.  Lazarus is the Firefox add-on that allows you to recover any data lost during a crash or similar problem by just right clicking on the box you lost it from. This would work for any lost information including progress notes.  Great backup tool. I highly recommend it.  You can use it at home too. 


How to Meet in the Middle with Online Software Tools


Meeting in the middle?  You are probably interested in a place not too convenient for them and are willing to go just a little out of the way.  There are many reasons that you will need to meet in the middle but when you begin the conversation:  "Where should we meet?" ... neither seems to familiar with the area in the middle.   You are already familiar with where to find meeting rooms in Seattle or the Pacific NorthWest but once you travel beyond your usual territory, the GPS is only partially helpful.


Voicemail Widget for Your Website or Facebook: Speakpipe


Want to listen to your website visitors, customers or readers?  SpeakPipe lets you set up a voicemail widget on your website or add the voicemail application to your Facebook page.


FellowUp: Personal assistant to manage a large social media network


FellowUp is a personal assistant to manage your unmanageably large network. 

Free Clip Art and Photos from WPClipart


WPClipart is an collection of free photos, images and artwork that is free of copyright concerns as well as safe from inappropriate images. There are free photos and free clips here that work great for commercial uses, book illustrations, office presentations, and some just for fun...

All the free images, free photos and free clip art are Public Domain.


How to Convert RGB to Hex or Convert Hex to RGB with ColorPicker


Converting RGB colors to hex doesn't get much easier than this.  Or if you prefer, use ColorPicker to convert hex to RGB.  Either way, this free online software tool helps you match colors for your marketing. 

Free Live Chat Software - BoldChat


Express Burn for Burning a CD or DVD


This screen shot shows how simple the Express Burn software is to use.

Burn Audio CDs and Data CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs

Record data or audio discs quickly and easily by dragging the files you want onto the icon and clicking Burn CD. The software then does the rest, including converting the files if required.


Free Software: GroSocial for Social Media Marketing


GroSocial provides social media marketing tools easy enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts.  This could very well be one of the easiest way to to create beautiful Facebook tabs.  GroSocial has a new drag-and-drop Facebook tab editor which is dead-simple to use.  No need to hire an expensive programmer or graphic designer.   (Unless you have poor judgment and ten thumbs)

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