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Trina Bergquist

Trina Bergquist

Trina Bergquist is passionate about being the voice of the customer and driving technology partnerships. She has cross-discipline experience spanning multiple industries in technology. Her 15 years of experience includes leading strategic programs on the client and agency side with companies such as Apple, General Magic, Levi's, Nike, Microsoft, Motorola, Sony, Bell South, AT&T, Razorfish, and Digitas with an emphasis on AI, ML, and speech recognition. Trina is a senior customer engagement and channel development strategist focused on customer-centric organizations who thrive on driving value through emerging technologies. Extensive experience across multiple industries in technology, end-to-end digital, partner channel marketing. A pioneer and life-long advocate for artificial intelligence and speech recognition. Able to forge critical partnerships needed to drive measurable business outcomes for both client and agency side.

Recent Posts by Trina Bergquist:

Why WordPress Sucks and How to Stop it

Technical Chaos

If you want chronic technical chaos, a website that runs at the speed of a slug, and creatively boxed in a corner, WordPress is for you. I found myself inheriting a WordPress website project that I wish I had said "no" to working on as a marketing leader. While I could easily author a list of 50 reasons why you shouldn't use WordPress, you only need five. I will walk you through the five top reasons the platform is not suited for a marketing manager so you can consider migrating to a more intelligent platform.

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