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Restaurant Marketing Treats with Island Way Sorbet


Are your desserts a little ordinary? Island Way Sorbet may offer to give your restaurant marketing boost. In the summer or if you want to create a summer event in the middle of winter, Island Way Sorbet is a treat.  Creating events is a fun way for the staff to get engaged.

Watch the Video:

"The Ultimate Frozen Dessert has arrived! Treat your customers to a "shell shockingly good" refreshing creamy fruit sorbet, which comes in its own natural fruit shell! The real natural half shells of Pineapples, Lemons, Coconuts, Apples and Oranges have been cored out, leaving just the shell; then filled with great tasting, refreshing, low fat, natural fruit flavored - frozen Sorbet."

Island Way Sorbet is very popular with the kids and the individually packaged desserts can be stored and served casually or dress them up to impress.

Guaranteed to make their day!

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