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A Five Star Lunch as Your Secret to Success


A “Five Star Lunch” is one method to gain an advantage with growing a successful business without deep pockets.  A “Five Start Lunch” is an opportunity to have top advisors sit at your table who will provide you with answers to questions you have not yet thought to ask.  A “Five Start Lunch” provides the resources by which any entrepreneur who desires success can be inspired, motivated and educated.

How to start:

You have five people in your circle who you admire greatly.  They are not available for hire or their fees are out of your reach.  Who are those five people you respect so highly?  Who would like to “hang with” to learn more about how they achieve success? 

Invite these top five who are “stars” to lunch.  The advantage to each of your stars is they have an opportunity to meet each other and gain new insights.  Your advantage is obvious as you dine with those you admire and ask them questions about their essentials to business.

It is not quite a mastermind, not as formal as an advisory board.  The “Five Star Lunch” is an opportunity that will prove to be more valuable than attending a two day seminar.

Read Terri Dunevant’s book: GO! How to Start and Run Your Own Business Advisory Group  (Be sure to reach out to Terri personally.  She is an excellent resource and walks her talk.)

Any entrepreneur is on the lookout for a catalyst; a better path than trial and error.  While software and tools can be helpful, nothing replaces the skills and savvy of an expert who is willing to lend a hand.

Fortunately for you, seeing YOUR success is a benefit to your "stars" as well.  There is nothing quite like helping entrepreneurs who are making a serious effort.

If you are a business owner with staff, "stars" may also be on your team.  If you are a middle manager, you will reach out to executives or other departments in the company.

Talking and coffee is “ok” but sharing a meal together changes the way people connect and communicate.  (Of course a bad restaurant and environment can cause a problem with your plan so don't pick a sloppy restaurant.)

Once you have a successful lunch, plan on a monthy Five Star Lunch which will build momentum.  Success stories are never about how one individual did it all by themselves.  Success breeds success.

Status Quo:

As the months pass by, if your conversations are with the same people, little will change.   If you appreciate status quo in business, then stay on your current path.  If you want to create the future by being pro-active, you will reach out to movers & shakers who make a difference in the community.

Make the reservation:

Ready for a five star lunch?  Make a reservation for six at a restaurant like Salty’s for yourself and five “stars” who will share lunch, wisdom, stories and tips.  You may be so busy writing notes that you will forget to eat.

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