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Harvard Professor Shares a Reality About Wealth

If you believe we live in a world of transparency, you might be correct.  Unfortunately, understanding the difference between facts and fiction is very difficult.  You don't truly know what to believe about almost anything on the Internet.  

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Three Powerful Words

Three powerful words to use when marketing, getting someone's attention, and when hoping to make an impression.

"Did you know...?"  Three simple words.  You anticipate:  "No!  I did not know that! Thank you!" 

If you hear the dreaded response:  "Yes, I knew that," you may feel defeated but if you did your homework, you will have more to add. 

If you are able to use these powerful "Did you know...?" words and they unveil a truth or fact that is both relevant and previously unknown; you educate, inspire and potentially make people's day.

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Small Businesses: By the Numbers

A lot has been said in recent years about the negative state of the economy and the many struggles that face the common worker. Job loss and inability to pay bills have forced many people who once relied on major companies to make a living to become more independent in their careers. As a result, the small business sector is showing more activity than it has in decades. A look at the statistics associated with small businesses shows that it is a good time for the “little people” of the American economy.

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Live TV on Top - Search Beats Email

A quick glance at the latest data from may help you think more quickly your marketing budget.  Live TV viewing remains the first choice vs. DVD, Internet, smartphone or streaming via TV.  Along side this data you will note how search remains the method for traffic on top of email and social trails behind.

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How to Execute a Public Recognition Program

In order to execute a public recognition program you or your organization needs to have perceived authority, a team, a flexible online platform and there needs to be a compelling reason that people will feel it valuable and want to participate.

The last on the list may be the most important and most difficult to achieve.  People must believe it is important enough to take action.  Will people take action because they like it?

When you look at the numbers of the top ten watched videos of all time on YouTube, 9 out of 10 videos are music videos.

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