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Harvard Professor Shares a Reality About Wealth

wealthpeopleIf you believe we live in a world of transparency, you might be correct.  Unfortunately, understanding the difference between facts and fiction is very difficult.  You don't truly know what to believe about almost anything on the Internet.  

We discount national statistics as inaccurate and not important to growing business.  They became a distraction vs helpful.  

As the "decision maker", an entrepreneur and small business owner is a target for theft, cons, sales people with quotas and spin.   With a focus on "go", there is less time to filter through overwhelming information.  Trust is easy to give for those who want to believe in something better but for those who have been burned, they are skeptics.

This leads both the hopeful and the skeptics to make assumptions based on partial information.  The Internet, news clips and word of mouth keeps them out of touch with reality.

The video below shares a bit of reality.  It is not a judgment about who is the good guy or bad guy. The video highlights facts and figures from Harvard University.  

As you watch the video, I hope you will be thinking: "What are people interested in, what are they hungry for, how can I serve them better?"

The statistics you see in the video does not reveal how people invest their time or about their attitudes regarding success.   It does reveal that those you serve are not always in control of their world and may be struggling.  We know there is always inequality and "life isn't fair". Many think small, go through the motions, make little effort to improve, want something for nothing and have already given up. 

If the video rattles your reality, I highly recommend LinchPin by Seth Godin to make changes in your own work and personal life:

Linchpin by Seth Godin


Linchpin is on my top five reading list.  Seth talks about cultures, lizard brains, geniuses, why things are broken and how you can can become a Linchpin. (You may already be a Linchpin)

You won't fix what appears to be injustice by making judgment from afar about other people.  You will start with yourself and your inner circle.

The video shows things are not as they appear.  Linchpin is your first step towards making a difference.

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