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Build Your Own App for Android or iPhone, No Experience Needed

Building your own app is an option for those who want lower the financial risk.  Small Businesses can go head to head with big businesses by making their own app for a Google Android or for an iPhone.  Without knowing your business plan I can only show you the videoa to demonstrate how to make the mobile apps.

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Remove Business Risk: Malware | Anti-Spyware | Backup

Business Computer goes down.  Cost will be $2000.  This is calculated from your time and effort to fix it (three days), new software, computer repair bill (after you can't fix it), loss of data, loss of customers, and loss of awareness.  I bet you can't go six months before a major computer bug will zap your business, leaving you with a wish for an unattainable success.

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30 Software Tools for Creating, Producing, Promoting & FUN

As an entrepreneur (& addicted marketing guy) I have little desire to be a "programmer" or "coder".  Instead I keep an arsenal to help me keep business faster, easier, simpler (& funner).  I will not always search out the "best" for the same reason I do not drive a Jaguar or live in a mansion.

Functionality, ease of use, and quick learning curve are all a consideration.  AND I love free.  I started using many of the tools on the list below for free, and have since upgraded (i.e., 'the Brain').

I share these with you because I wish someone had shared them with me when I was starting.

In alphabetical order, these are software programs and tools I use.  It is not all inclusive, but to list everything I have in my arsenal may overwhelm you.  I bet you have not heard of a few of these.  (It is a long list!)

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Start a Business Online Howto 2 – The Crystal Ball – Who Controls Your Brain?

  • A new group was started:  "Hello, My name is Michael and I believe IMANUT."
  • Everyone will remind you that traffic is needed no matter what you do online.  
  • Have you taken a moment to write down a list of:  Your skills, your will power quotient and what it is you love?
  • Did you download the free software program called PersonalBrain?

Did you load the software Personal Brain mind map software (free) to organize your thoughts?  Not a requirement and new software takes time to learn.  I have a white board on my wall as well.  It works fine.

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