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Start a Business Online Howto 2 – The Crystal Ball – Who Controls Your Brain?

  • A new group was started:  "Hello, My name is Michael and I believe IMANUT."
  • Everyone will remind you that traffic is needed no matter what you do online.  
  • Have you taken a moment to write down a list of:  Your skills, your will power quotient and what it is you love?
  • Did you download the free software program called PersonalBrain?

Did you load the software Personal Brain mind map software (free) to organize your thoughts?  Not a requirement and new software takes time to learn.  I have a white board on my wall as well.  It works fine.

Now.. You need a crystal ball. (do it yourself style)

Anything will do.  A candle holder turned upside down.  You are going to make you own.

Sit the item you are choosing to make your crystal ball and put it upside down in front of you.

Be sure you the time is between 6pm and 7pm Pacific Standard Time.

Now say out loud the following over and over again:

"He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt.  He has been given a large brain  by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice." ALBERT EINSTEIN

At the end of 5.5 minutes.....  Stop.  Say the words:  "My brain is my brain and my talents are my talents.  No matter what others might say, I will not rely on perfection but will focus on progress."

Now look at your crystal ball.  What do you see.

Yes.  It looks the same.  Even with chanting wisdom from a genius and making a personal commitment, there has been no change.

Why did I take your time to be so silly?
It is time for something different to happen and requires a different thought process.

Stop looking at everyone else's stuff on the internet.  Stop.

Stop looking at other people's stuff.

Think about the statistics you hear again and again: 

90% to 95% of people trying to have a business online fail.

The chance that you are looking at someone's "stuff" and they are failing is pretty high.

You do not want people to believe "IMANUT" because of your business do you?  Or do you want to be an exception?

Did you get the lesson?  MINDSET.  We hear so much noise and we are trained to be reactive / responsive vs. creative and original.

If you have chanted and believe.  If you plan on using mind as your own and not simply a copycat of others.  If you believe progress is more important than perfection, you are ready to move on.

The Next Step:

Since you now have a list of your skills, barriers and three to five things you would like to do every day, lets think about the future.  Since we have done some "Ready", we can now begin to "Aim".

It is one year from now.  You are sitting with me over a glass of milk.  p>

One year from now you are saying: "Mike, this last year was pretty good.  My business is still new but I have _____________"  What did you say?

If you know in advance what you will say about the past, it changes how you approach the coming months.
This blank can be filled much easier if you made your three short lists.

It requires a bit of imagination.  If you are not a future thinker, it might not be as easy to do.  Get someone to help you.

This is a real list.  A year from now... point to it and ask about it.  

How about you? 

What's in it for you?

Once you begin the mindset, you create your future instead of becoming a victim of it.

If you simply wait and react... you will fail, your boat will move back and forth based on the direction of the wind.

If you take your lists of Skill, Will, Passions... and now your list of accomplishments one year from now.

Sure, I understand there is a power above & beyond and no one is truly in control.  I do believe however that we have been given a paddle, a shovel, a spoon, a pen, .... a rational & reasoning mind to ensure that live can be great.

To not use the skills & talents we were given to make sure life is great is .... (what is a good description?)  DUMB.

Again, what is your list.  To take action, buy stuff, read books, study and work very hard without knowing who you are, what the barriers are and where you want to go is like walking in the fog.

Just because you are taking action and moving DOES NOT MEAN you will be successful.

Books I have read and recommend to further your understanding:

  • "One Minute Manager"  by Kenneth Blanchard
  • "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"  by Stephen Covey
  • "The Power of Intention" by Dr. Wayne Dyer
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