Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Restaurant Marketing with Your Digital Camera


This will be a simple restaurant marketing idea.  The goal is to keep you on top of your game, connect you with your guests, do something to add to their experience, and capture an email address so you can stay in each person's inner circle.

Buy a digital camera

(You probably already have one.)  Fast and easy to use, it can upload a file to the web or by email in a snap.  It will need to have a wide angle for the photos and operate will in lower light.

People celebrate in restaurants.  This may even by the primary source of business for some restaurants.  Decorate the table with small items to highlight the celebration or holiday.

Every guest is greeted with big smiles as if they were long lost friends.

Every guest is asked: "Is there anythng special you are celebrating today?"

Any little thing is great.  If nothing?  Then pick up the marketing calendar and note pick a reason to celebrate.

Offer to take their photo for free (with the decorations which enhances the experience) and then send it to their email inbox. (Of course this means you will have to ask for an email address where it can be sent.)

Print a copy of the photo(s) and send the photo(s) by email.  Don't be stingy.  Photos emailed are sent FREE.  

Send a very big thank you the next day by email (personal and appreciative) which says how grateful you are to have them as guests.  It was an honor (you fill in the rest).  Then have a call to action.  In other words, invite them back and give them a reason to return.  Have a button in the email to click and get more information, recipes, drawing, etc.

  • On the contact guest list add each person's:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Date
    • Reason for celebration
    • What they ordered or other notes can be included.
    • A cell phone number is critical.  Get it if you can.

You will send emails during all holiday celebrations AND especially their special date the next year.

Time to take the photo, email it and print it.  To input the contact information into a spreadsheet or email management system will take a few minutes.

There is a cost for printing a photo (five cents).  
You might send it by mail as a Postagram -

Once you include this for every guest and greet everyone with "Are you celebrating something special?," it will change the relationship immediately.

There will be guests who are not interested and won't want a photo.  If you have the ability to get them to make a note about their favorite dessert and how you will make it for them on their birthday "When is your birthday and can I send you a reminder to your email?"  Then when they come back for the birthday... you guessed it.  They have something to celebrate!  Grab the camera and help them do so in a big way.

The camera has many more functions for marketing.  This is one.  Any bumps?  Any luck?

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