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12 Websites for Royalty Free Stock Photos for Business Advertising

One of the most common questions I get is:  "Where can I get free photos or royalty free stock photos for business advertising, marketing, etc.?" 

The answer is not so obvious since each business has its own unique need.  What is the quality and/uniqueness of the photograph needed? 

Is free your best option or would you pay $30 for an amazing one-of-a-kind photograph? 

With this balance in mind and to help entrepreneurs save time, here is my list of royalty free stock photos for business advertising websites. 

This list has grown far beyond 12 as many have introduced themselves to share their awesome photos and resources, many of which are free!

It includes free, low cost and even premium options.  

Here is the list:

(Watch for "Free Photos")

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Awesome FREE Photos From Getty Images - Here's How

You have searched for images that will set you apart and are coming up empty. Better yet, you hope to find free images or graphics.  Maybe you have resorted to "borrowing" them from another website (which is most likely theft).  No one notices and "everyone" is doing it, so you take a chance.

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