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How Can I Get into the New York Times?

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It's been about seven years since I sat across the dinner table from Cameron who had the honor of being invited to celebrate Gary Vaynerchuk's 300th video blog for Wine Library TV. After dinner, my new friend says to connect and follow Gary V - so I did.  

No, we are not best friends (though I do have a book Gary V signed saying: "To my new BFF") but he does remain an inspiration and resource. What you may not know is that Gary Vaynerchuk is on HubSpot's advisory board.  As a HubSpot partner and perpetual inbound marketer, I appreciate working with a company with such an advantage.

Gary V. offers advice in his recent video to help you understand how to get in the New York Times, in front of the bigger celebrities or get connected to that BIG audience.

Watch the video here:

Was this what you were hoping to hear?  

If you subscribe to Gary V (I highly recommend that you do), he goes over the edge and begins to use rough language during moments of passion. Those more conservative will pause and hold their breath for a moment. Gary walks his talk with a relentless commitment and has even the most conservative folks appreciating his mission, regardless of the language.

If you missed the 300th episode of Wine Library TV, watch the video below. 

As you can see, he started out with "nice" and then evolved to "Man on a mission". There are a dozen reasons he should have quit after the first 30 seconds.

He did not quit.

Is it worth the time and effort?  All I know, after experiencing a long history of doubling revenue (brick and mortar and online), I can tell you that it did not happen from manipulation of big data.  Doubling revenue was the result of personalization, connection and service beyond expectation. People are aware and alert. They recognize commitment and sacrifice. Those who experience "awesome" are eager to share with others the benefits they receive.

I remember watching and participating with a few who later went "big". They were in every small room, every small webinar... even when only five people were in attendance. It was (and still is) a mission for them to make change happen.

What's the point? 

Every day there is an opportunity. In the new world of media, it can come in the form of a comment in social media or a follow. The host of an event needs help, someone growing their new business asks you to participate in a podcast interview.  

...But you may not see the new opportunities because so much of it is digital. When you change your viewpoint to think of digital notifications as human interaction, you will begin to see the faces.

A new follower, new blog subscriber, a new blogger who wrote about something you love and appreciate, a news article written by a human reporter. They all have faces. (Unseen but real nonetheless) 

Those I know who jump towards each opportunity with a conversation to make an impact... they create success. (I have seen it again and again, you probabably have as well.)  

Those who view notifications, emails, subscribers, followers as things vs people, count the beans vs making a connection. (Gary V will prioritize the connection!)  Large companies become bean counters with graphs and charts. 

Those who hold back to wait for a big score, a celebrity or a giant wave of people... continue to wait and wonder.

Even as an inbound marketer, I don't like to wait. I have an advantage since my training happened as a paper boy.  Knock, Knock....  

But we are human and do not always think clearly. You might have a "brain cloud". Here is an easy solution.

Decide if it is an issue of skill or will power.  

If your issue is a lack of skill, you will follow a different path than if you are unwilling to take a risk or invest time.

Acknowledgment with specifics related to: "I can't do that because _________ " or "I won't do that because ___________" creates a more concrete reality and will help you identify whether you need to hire someone to get it done or if you need coaching and training. If the barrier is a lack of belief, "I don't believe it is worth the time because _________", consider what you do believe here.

Self-arguments are common in entrepreneurs - go ahead. You will always win.

Irony:  Emulating the strategy and activities of large company can be very attractive to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Oddly enough, large companies wish they could have the high impact and personalized touch via their automation and staff as a small company has.  

If there was only one thing to take action on, ask question at the end of each day:

"How many introductions or invitations did I make today?"

Track it. By the end of one week, your reality will become very clear. 

Even with inbound marketing, introductions and invitations must be made. Create content, write and article and make ten personalized invitations to people who would benefit from the content.  

Introductions and invitations change the world.

Start with one - one is greater than zero.

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