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What is the most important page on a website?

Is the most important page on this website the very blog article you are currently reading?  What is the most important page on a website?  What type of pages are we comparing when analyzing which is most important? 

If this seems a bit elemental and you are already beginning to yawn, please move on.  There are plenty other pages to wet your appetite about inbound marketing and free software tools.  Your keen advanced knowledge needs not to be wasted here.  If you are one of the advanced thinkers, you are not the only one in the room and for those who are still puzzled, this question needs to be answered.

Here is a list showing a variety of website pages which you might put on your website:

  • Static page
  • Blog page
  • Landing page
  • Product page
  • Home page
  • Forum page
  • Link resources page
  • Site map
  • Table of contents page
  • Guestbook page
  • Video page
  • Photo gallery page
  • The website page with the most inbound links
  • The website page with the most ranking keywords
  • Success page

As a website is built, the most important page is the "yes" page.  It is the page where potential buyers take action and introduce themselves. 

When a potential buyer is looking at something in a brick and mortar store, there is that moment of decision when "I want more" or "I am going to buy that" occurs.  This is the reason for the marketing, the service and the special attention.  Large investment has been made, hiring and training teams, and putting systems in place to achieve one thing:  YES.

Think about a store where the room is full of bicycles people can touch, sit on and roll around the showroom floor.  If someone wants to buy a bicycle and there is no process in place, no one to take the cash, no speaker to talk into and order... the bicycles would sit and gather dust.

The website without that action page is a library or museum. 

The most important page on the website is ....

the landing page - where people complete a form and introduce themselves.


the product page - where people click "add to cart" and anticipate the arrival of their new purchase.

Without one or both of these two pages, the website does not have much of a chance for helping any entrepreneur achieve business success.

There are exceptions of course.  If your business model is that of a publisher, you will be hoping for clicks to happen on the advertising as readers become distracted by big bold advertising banners.  This could mean every page is important since every page has advertising.  A publisher thinks of "more content" and of drawing traffic for more eyeballs to see the advertising and possibly click through to the sponsor's page.

Most entrepreneurs are not using this model for their business.  Most are hoping to create a sale or get a lead which turns into a sale which brings us back to the landing page or the product page and depends entirely on the business model, product or service offered.

If you agree that the most important page on your website is the landing page (where a lead is generated) or a product page (where a purchase can happen), I hope you provide very easy access to these pages.  Offering a very clear path with carefully chosen words and graphics entices the potential buyer so that they just can't help themselves and click.

Even as you are building the home page of your new website, be thinking of how the home page will inspire them to take action and fall into the landing or product page where you give them more than they hoped for while you get paid with either contact information or with cash.

To give an example, I will try to entice you to click. 

click marketing bookfree download the most important
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