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The Two Faces of Restaurant Management

Two restaurant managers with the same basic skill set and experience will many times have two completely different results.  It might boil down to the perception others have of the restaurant manager.  Each restaurant manager performs the same basic tasks and daily routines.  Neither hesitates at work or the constant flux of the restaurant business.  Neither shirks their responsibilities and their is no doubt of their pride and commitment.

The Difference:

One appears to be burdened, under the gun, stressed and intense.

The other approaches the day with a smile and gives the impression of "in control" (even when they are not.)

The first will wonder why few on their team are interested in taking on more responsibility and will not strive to ba a future manager. The manager of intensity who projects that their role is "difficult" may be respected but does offer an example that others will want to emulate.

There is usually a line up of candidates waiting in the wings on the team of the other manager is has an aura of confidence, ease and confidence.

There may come a day when you wonder why it's so difficult to "find good leaders".  Maybe it is not the quality or quantity of work you perform that becomes the barrier to success.  Do you make it look too difficult so that others will never "take your job" or do you make it look easy and fun?

Once the team is inspired, they become ambassadors and do restaurant marketing.

Smile more, pause before your respond, fake it if you have to.  Be a like a thermostat and influence the restaurant operation in a positive way.  Don't be a thermometer which only reflects the surroundings which can add more stress.

Working harder and longer is may not be the answer.

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