Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Dumb Restaurant Marketing


Take a good look in the mirror.  Do you have any of these dumb restaurant marketing habits?

  1. Ordering advertising from a sales person just because they called you.

  2. Guessing what guests want.

  3. Marketing products because you personally like them.

  4. Not marketing products that you don’t personally like.

  5. Restaurant marketing based on the headlines of the Wall Street Journal.

  6. Restaurant marketing in hurry up mode because sales are down today.

  7. Advertising and then not being present and available when people respond.

  8. Restaurant marketing without knowing in advance the expected ROI.

  9. Buying restaurant advertising before understanding the message, goal or audience.

  10. Deep discounts to get more business.

  11. Restaurant marketing without input from the team.

  12. Advertising because the restaurant up the street is also advertising.

  13. Restaurant marketing without a plan or calendar.

  14. Restaurant marketing without preparing and training the team.

  15. Marketing menu items where supplies are in short supply

  16. Marketing menu items and then forget to increase the inventory.

  17. Using a different message on every marketing vehicle.

  18. Not listening to what people are being critical about.

  19. Automatic blasting that is not a Unique Personal Invitation.

  20. Not acknowledging that everything connecting with your guests is marketing.

  21. Buying advertising simply because it is discounted so cheaply.  (It’s a good deal after all.)

How many other dumb restaurant marketing things have you seen?


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