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Amazon Quietly Launching Take Out Delivery Service - Are you ready?

Did you see this yet about Amazon?  With the big news about their smartphone still in your mind, you may have missed it.  Here is the new video about how Amazon is launching a take out food delivery service to homes.

This is not news to those in the Seattle area.  In December 2012 the Seattle Times had an article about Amazon Fresh delivering food from a local restaurant. Read the article here.

One year ago, Amazon was in the national news for grocery delivery with their Fresh program.

In March of this year, you heard how Amazon is investing $20 million into a Chinese food company to deliver Chinese food.

amazon delivering chinese food

Did you know there are already apps for delivering restaurant meals? Check out Eat24 that is available on the Kindle. 

Now what?

Amazon is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Will Amazon risk their reputation by delivering meals from a marginal restaurant?  If a restaurant is "partnered" with one of the most trusted brands in the world, they will gain an advantage, don't you think so?  

This will happen without big fanfare.  You will not see restaurants adding onto their buildings nor will you see contractors with hammers and saws.  The shift will be invisible and the only thing that will be noticed is a sales drop of 10%, and then another 10%. 

The question every restaurateur should ask them self might be: "Is my restaurant good enough for Amazon?"  I doubt they will take a chance on any restaurant that is not the very best of the best.  What's your take?


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