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Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews

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What Restaurant Rescue Shows Get Wrong About Marketing

You've probably seen at least one reality show like this: a chef or restaurateur visits a failing eatery, usually undercover. They try the food and experience the service firsthand before revealing their identities — and their less-than-flattering opinions of the place. Then, they get to work, teaching the staff how to improve everything from their mixology skills to their menu choices to their ability to warmly welcome customers. In the end, they show a completely revamped restaurant, and the expert moves onto another place that needs help.

There's only one thing wrong, though — a lot of these "fixed" eateries fail. One study showed 60 percent of the restaurants celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay visited on his show Kitchen Nightmares have since closed. And it could all boil down to the fact that, while Ramsay and other foodies know how to make a restaurant welcoming and delicious, they don't specialize in marketing the new place. Here's what these experts get wrong.

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