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Think, Talk and Get Paid


The perfect role many wish for is:  "Think, Talk and Get Paid."  Thinking and talking seem easy enough. Often times those who are very wise and may ask: "Why am I the only one who sees this?"  

Unfortunately, dynamic thoughts that soar needs "proof" and validation to ensure belief.  Thoughts in and of themselves are not enough. It is as important to have the skills to present thoughts in a factual form AND in such as way that will move others

Sales people think, talk and get paid (or hope to be paid). Teachers and speech language pathologists think, talk and get paid.  Actors are not necessarily thinking but certainly act as if they are before they talk.  Each requires specialized training to produce results.

Given enough time, people believe that if you thought it, so can they. Anyone can talk.  Which can do more harm when everyone is talking. Along comes something better than getting paid to think and talk such as... think and broadcast on social media where no one talks back.  

If you are going to get paid, there is something required that goes beyond thinking and talking. Build, produce, write, paint, design, create...  Do enough of these successfuly and you can get paid to think and talk.

When listening to an "expert", relying on someone who knows the path does not offer as much as someone who has walked the path.

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