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The ARUBA Marketing™ Checklist aka Getting a Yes

aruba-marketingTo hear a "yes, I will buy", everything must line up perfectly. To get the yes, here is your ARUBA Marketing™ checklist:

Potential buyers:

  • Are paying Attention
  • Find your message Relevant
  • Understand the message, language, product and service quickly.
  • Believe that it will benefit them
  • Believe enough to take Action - by buying and sharing. (and linking)

In short, the acronym to help you remember is ARUBA, where people not only vacation but also represents when people are most comfortable to move forward.  

If there is a shortage of yes-es, it is possible your team needs to listen a little better.

It might also be an indication be that the potential buyer is not paying attention, finds you not relevant, doesn't understand, lacks belief and as a result unwilling to take action. 

When you consider how to get the "YES", remember this ARUBA Marketing™ checklist.

There is more to a 'YES' than getting their attention and jumping to the sale. This is not a good time to take shortcuts.

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