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Radio Shows & Podcasting - Taking Advantage of Your Talent for Speaking

You woke up this morning with one thought in mind: Transformation!  Why not take advantage of your special skills and talents and use radio or podcasting to pursue your vision and spread the word about your ideas?

– just like a butterfly!  (aka metamorphosis) 

lizard-brain.pngUnfortunately, you know your lizard brain is still working to keep you away from anything that looks even the slightest bit dangerous.   ...even butterflies have lizard brains.

In the process of your metamorphosis, you want to focus on one of your special strengths of thinking+speaking.

That makes sense since you have spoken, talked, chatted, sold, taught, lectured, motivated, inspired and presented to many.

The options for recording a presentation or delivering it via a live radio show are below:

Radio talk show!

– ok, that seems like a big leap. On the surface it appears simple but there is more to it than just showing up to speak into a microphone.  There are certainly radio stations that will give you a radio talk show but there is a price tag. In essence you are paying for volume radio time (instead of 60 seconds)

A local station offers a plan – 1150 AM KKNW


A blog radio show!

That seems to make more sense, and seems to be less complicated… but it’s not. In essence it is similar to the radio talk show option but much less expensive.

  • is an old faithful for this but they have commercial breaks and ads.
  • is another people like.

A podcast!

Sounds simple enough. Record something on an iPad and upload it into a podcast solution.  It is like an Audio Blog. Instead of writing, you talk. 

I could write out a complete description of how to be awesome with this but Life Hacker already offers a very thorough overview here:

Here is another resource that drills down step-by-step: 

Note: They offer very thorough information. You can start simpler and without “perfection”.  Each of these guides offer GREAT podcast hosting options.

Here are a few tips and thoughts to consider first:

  1. How many times do you personally listen to talk radio shows, blog radio shows or podcasts each month?
  2. If you listen, which stand out as “amazing”?
  3. What is so amazing/appealing about them?
  4. Can you start by using their format as a template?

PS – If you do not typically listen to any of these each month, then you are jumping into something that you do not personally experience as a user. It is more difficult to have empathy and “perspective taking” when you create.

  1. Have you EVER recorded your voice before and presented it to others as a means to share content?
  2. This is NOT the same as presenting to an in person group.
  3. You will have a head start because of your in-person presentations.
  4. It has a completely different timing, rhythm, and emphasizes noises.
  5. This is all fixed EASILY with practice, testing, etc.
    1. How? Read an article and get good at making it sound like it’s not read, as if you are speaking.

PS - Talking is easy. Touching the heart and mind to move people forward and make great decsions, that requires more than just speech.

  1. Google “Seth Godin Podcast”
  2. Look at where he has podcasts. Some are proprietary productions, others are options YOU can sign up with to host your podcast.
    1. is one example

PS – Don’t re-invent the wheel. By using someone you believe to be a distant mentor, you can step behind them and improve with time.

  1. Because this is relatively new, use YouTube. (Sometimes we forget to do this when in deep analysis.)
  2. Search “How to podcast”
  3. Get MANY step by step instructions in videos. (almost in person) J

PS – You already know YouTube can be a giant rabbit hole. Even so, there are generous people sharing their knowledge to make an impact or grow their own business.

Given that people carry a their listening device 24 hours a day, it makes perfect sense to consider delivering your message and content in an audio format.

Hopefully you won’t think “It has to be perfect” because even after years of experience, there will be room for improvement.  In fact, people appreciate authentic, honest and relevant more than a perfect canned delivery.

Lastly, don’t forget your “buddy”. Taking on anything that seems a little daunting is better in a small group or with a buddy.

Let me know which direction you take.  

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