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Radio Shows & Podcasting - Taking Advantage of Your Talent for Speaking

You woke up this morning with one thought in mind: Transformation!  Why not take advantage of your special skills and talents and use radio or podcasting to pursue your vision and spread the word about your ideas?

– just like a butterfly!  (aka metamorphosis) 

Unfortunately, you know your lizard brain is still working to keep you away from anything that looks even the slightest bit dangerous.   ...even butterflies have lizard brains.

In the process of your metamorphosis, you want to focus on one of your special strengths of thinking+speaking.

That makes sense since you have spoken, talked, chatted, sold, taught, lectured, motivated, inspired and presented to many.

The options for recording a presentation or delivering it via a live radio show are below:

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Overcome Business Barriers: Listen to the April Linchpin Session

Take yourself away from business (or from the TV) for a moment.  Listen to this audio by Seth Godin. As usual, he offers a different way to think about business success.  If you are unemployed, it will make you pause to consider what is the reality of your current situation and your potential success.  If your business is worse off than in prior years, you may be inspired to rethink your strategy.

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