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Ban the Phone Book Campaign [infographic]

There is now a ban the phone book campaign moving across America.  18 states across the US are now (in at least some parts) only delivering white pages phone books to those who ask for them.  San Francisco has even enacted “opt-in” legislation for the delivery of the yellow pages.  This infographic shows how the white pages have not only become unwanted but are a costly waste to taxpayers.

Ban the Phonebook

If the white pages were eliminated from the phone book, would the price of the advertising inside the phone book be reduced?  I would bet not.

For decades I have used the yellow pages in the phone book as a resource for recruiting and guerrilla marketing.  While there is a belief that yellow pages are no longer needed, I would say that the world is simply more divided.

The whole world does not use social media.

There are people who work hard all day with their hands building, creating and producing.  I know many of them who think of the Internet as an emergency tool, Facebook as dimwit chatter and they avoid the computer as if it had a bad smell.

The world may not use the white pages but keep a close eye on how to integrate the yellow pages into a marketing plan to remain available for those who search for answers "the old fashioned way".

Will you join the campaign to ban the phone book? 

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