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Correlate - New Google Tool To Find Trend Correlations

Find searches that correlate with real-world data

Google Correlate finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends.

google correlate 4

The reason this new search tool is so important is because there is a serious shortage of relevant data.  (Sarcasm hard at work.)  Making decisions to ensure the success of a business is like guess work without a thorough review of all the facts.

For those with a data addiction, Google's new addition to search will be like candy.

google correlate 6

There is a white paper describing the methodology behind Google Correlate and the official Google Blog will give more details.  Never mind that the white paper is for heavy hitters because there is also a comic describing the process.

google correlate

Google Flu Trends

google correlate 2

google correlate 3

Read the full comic here.

Does it work?

According the Google Correlate "entrepreneur success" search trend seems to mirror "entrepreneur success stories" along with several other phrases.

google correlate 5

Is there a trend?  Or is it a long term pattern?  Will it come and go?  Or is it here to stay?  "Bird flu" search on Correlate shows a trend vs. "what is bird flu":

google correlate 7

Another dramatic change in recent years is bankruptcy:

google correlate 8

While you may believe there is more than enough data, to test your marketing savvy, I challenge you to include Correlate to better understand the persona of customers as they respond to the buzz and trends in the marketplace. 

Google Insights and the Google Wonder Wheel have helped the entrepreneur to better understand how to send their marketing message to the marketplace.  Will Google Correlate simply feed information addicts or will it prove to be the next best tool in the marketing toolbox to watch real world trends? 

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