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Why You Should Have Keywords in Your Domain Name or url

keywords for website seoWhile the search engines are less likely to give you a boost in ranking because keywords are included in the domain name or url, you should continue to do so.

In the few seconds it takes for visitors recognize a website as relevant and helpful, details matter.

By creating domain names or urls which which are very specific to the product or service, you provide another way for the visitor know instantly if they are in the right place.

Based on this, you will evaluate how anything/everything is labeled. The meta description and page title will also use a combination of keywords in the text and will also include more adjectivity.

After hearing what Google is or isn't doing, is is easy to give up "chasing the chicken" since they change their algorithms 500+ times a year. Regardless, big attention to the accuracy, relevance and helpfulness to humans who are looking to feed their craving, addiction, want or need.

The real challenge then becomes "What is the promise", "How can I deliver the message" followed by "How well can I meet the promise and deliver beyond expectations."

If your business is marginal in any way, even the best "SEO" can't save you.

Continue to think in terms of what customers and clients think and say.  Use those words and phrases in the website as you have done in the past.  Even as Google and search engines may say; "That doesn't count", people continue to read and click. They will appreciate the clarity and usability your website provides.

User experience is more important than ever and a part of your inbound marketing strategy. No matter how large, powerful and robust your website becomes, it must remain: "Easily recognizable and understood".

If you do not yet have an inbound marketing strategy or easy software for your online marketing, you can contact me here.

If you are interested in how people think, I highly recommend the book: "Don't Make Me Think." This book by Steve Krug continues to offer insights that never grows old.


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