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The Trick to Creating Content


The trick to content:

  1. Don’t think.
  2. Listen to the questions.
  3. Answer them.

Those who think before they listen can get lost in the possibilities.
The deeper they think, the bigger the possibilities.

It’s not that they are wrong, but offering a buffet of opportunities loses focus.

"Think first" is not the mindset. It is "listen first" and "serve" which means you may have to Unthink.  Like the Un-thinkers in this video: 

New Principles:

  1. We never do marketing activities and tasks or buy advertising just to fill a void.  
  2. We always have measures in place to understand effectiveness. 
  3. We don't buy advertising based on availability or shininess

i.e. “let’s put something on the sign because I should”.

Don't like to write?

So you don't like to write.  Or you enjoy writing but lack the time.  

Which takes you to making video, podcast or having an online radio show.   

Here is the tip (trick) for creating content easily:

Keep it short. There are no rules and if there are rules, they keep changing... which means they aren't truly rules. 

Use this as a guide:

  • Here is the answer to your question.
  • Here is why it is important.
  • Here is something you can do to take advantage of this new information.

For this to work well,  care about the readers. Make it matter.

If you care, then you will listen. As you listen, you will want others to achieve success, be more and do more. You will care enough to get it done, even when you are "busy" because you know others will benefit from their awesomeness.

While there are a dozen "tricks" to create quality content that makes an impact, the calendar remains at the center of success. Everything is built twice. Whether you schedule three hours on a Saturday morning and block everything else out or send yourself quick emails with new thoughts every day, time is necessary.

Before you write, stop thinking... listen and then based on what they need and want, offer your wisdom. (In fact, this very blog article was inspired by someone with questions.)


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