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50,000+ Hours of Marketing Research Distilled into 60 Minutes

marketing research meclabsFive experiments, five conclusions - in a slideshow. In a recent Web clinic, MECLABS walked through the most important discoveries of the year so you can learn the progress MECLABS analysts and scientists have made.

In the slide show below, you will see a summary of the actual research-grounded answers to the following questions: 

  • When is the best time to send an email? 
  • How should I design my website navigation? 
  • Can a brand really make an impact on conversion? 
  • Is my page missing critical copy?
  • and more...


The Top 5 Marketing Discoveries in 2013: The last 50,000+ hours of research distilled into 60 minutes from MarketingExperiments

The conclusions may surprise you.  What may be more important are the actual numbers. The difference between 1.0% and 1.21% is miniscule to a small business where the lists are small and visitors are smaller.  While we want to pay attention to the logic and thought process, the large ratios shared (181%) may not have the same impact on a small business vs. a large.

The lesson:  Keep testing, track everything, take nothing for granted and... keep testing.

My big ah-ha moment was related to "usability vs buyability".  While this applies more specifically to an ecommerce scenario, it does provoke thought about the website page related to "usability" in and of itself as a focus.

These slides are directly related more with "conversions" on landing pages and product pages during the inbound marketing process.

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