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How to Make a Pitch Presentation for a Get-Rich-Quick Program

selling presentationWhen considering which method you use to make an impression on potential customers, you will remember that the basic psychology of humans has not changed.  What will astound or impress the average person is bigger and brighter and the bar is raised every year.  After watching the Mars landing live via the Internet, it is more difficult to impress. 

Making a sales presentation or pitch that will pursuade someone to buy is a simple formula and you have heard it so often, you may have it memorized.

It might go somthing like this:

  1. Hello, my name is. 

  2. Compliment them on their wisdom for being here.

  3. Things are very bad.

  4. It is getting worse.

  5. The government is stupid.

  6. So is the average citizen.

  7. You can exclude yourself from being stupid.

  8. Say:  "We can show you how".

  9. Include: "We are the best".

  10. Show them something you have that they don't. (Something grand.)

  11. Drop some important names, graphs, and be sure to say "anything is possible".

  12. Tell them not to be be caught in the traps, to avoid being stupid, beware the governement, take action by signing up today.

  13. Be sure there is a very deep discount and bonuses if they sign up immediately.

  14. Get the signature and payment quickly and congratulate them for being exceptional.

The process is not new and for a portion of the population, this process works.

You will recognize these steps within "get-rich-quick" presentations and other pitches where someone is selling you the possibilities. You may hear the same process from many different sources:

  • MLM - Multi-Level Marketing companies in recruiting mode
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial investment companies
  • Weight loss companies
  • Personal development companies
  • Some franchises to help you build your dream
  • Personal coaches
  • Consultants
  • Employers who can't fill the positions in their company because they are so bad.
  • Internet marketers will use this process in extreme ways. 
    • Videos, audios, slideshows and graphs which highlight the very worst, and show you how there is no limit to your success.

If the only place you get your education is from comapanies who use this presentation process, you will be left wanting.  There will be gaps which need to be filled.  You may decide to make a decision based on partial information.

If the only way you build your business is by using this type of presentation process which is dependent on an emotional pitch, you will be forever reaching out to stranger and hoping that it their first "pitch".

I suspect anyone over the age of 50 has heard it dozens of times.  In fact, anything that even appears as such a thing is avoided.

The good news:  The system works.  Over and over. 

There will always be people in the crowd who are trusting, unaware, under-educated, make buying decisions based on emotion. 

The big hook to get them into the room changes but the pitch process above works well for creating more sales. 

You may become a victim... or be someone who leverages this pitch process.

If you are to have your business labeled as one which does the big-opportunity-sales-pitch, never stop making introductions and invitations.  Have a thick skin for the many remarks and criticisms.  It is about sales after all.  Negative remarks are a small price to pay if you ae making good money.

Or if you believe you want to offer value and have people spread the word about how amazing your company is, you will instead avoid the big-opportunity-sales-presentation-pitch process shown above.

Every business has a process which takes people from being a stranger to the "buy".

What is the best one you have used or seen?

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