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How to Blog: The Relevance of Parables, Metaphors and Acronyms


Learning how to blog and get found in search engines is not too difficult.  If there is not a limitation of creativity, titles can be confusing or misleading. (Apple might, in reality, be an apple.)

Titles for blog articles, newspaper headlines and magazines are created to capture attention and entice someone to read more. 

If you are an over creative type and you have begun to blog for business, your creativity is also a curse.  Once the title attracts someone to visit a page in a blog, lack of relevance has the visitor moving in and out as if there were a revolving door.  Creating curiosity as an attention getter more than once will quickly become like "the boy who cried wolf".

Search engines may not always be able to understand the variables of text if the website page content focuses on the metaphor vs. the subject at hand.  Likewise, strangers who first meet you by visiting a page online may have no prior reference.

If you have a large email, mail or newsletter database, then your creativity might be more of a blessing.

In all cases, relevance and accuracy have become more important than ever. 

If caution is not taken, a website page will be filed in the search engines under a body part instead of lack of success (bust).  When you tell how to keep the doctor away you might possibly be filed under computers (apple).  Or maybe an article will be misunderstood when talking about fishing vs having trouble with finances (bank).  To walk too far off the path (metaphor) when writing must be brief.  Getting to the point is helpful to both the reader and the search engines.

Humor is risky but for another another topic.

Relying too heavily on acronyms, metaphors, a parable or even abbreviations may cause confusion until someone has familiarity with a topic.  Wait until the readership is large before risking it.  Accuracy and relevance is the priority with a twist of enticement to get their attention.

Getting to the point quickly is a good rule when meeting people face to face and seems to be just as important in the virtual world.  Until they know what you are talking about, keep to the point. 

If you know the title is one of the determing factors for how your website is labeled and found, will you continue to use abstract phrases and abbreviations?  

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