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“Get Rich Quick” by Selling Information


“Anyone can do it” – is probably true. “Anyone” can be a great success selling MLM products, while singing on American Idol, be a bestselling author, or be successful after being rejected on Shark Tank.

Is it possible to get 1,000,000 purchases of a product?  Possibly, but the list of considerations below have to line up perfectly and good karma will be needed.

The get rich quick plan to sell 1,000,000 may require:

20,000,000 views at 5% conversion = 1,000,000 purchases
10,000,000 views at 10% conversion = 1,000,000 purchases


  • There are big debates about pricing. Going very low price makes it unbelievable and pricing too high makes it too risky for the buyer. $5 looks cheap, $1,000 looks greedy.


  • Video course (2 hours total sliced into segments/chapters)


  • How to become a freelancer – be your own boss aka “Art + Genius = Profit”

Haves & Gaps:

  • Personal experience – success story (Pizazz and remarkable)
  • Level of expertise
  • # of Followers + fans
  • Commitment of followers + fans
  • Email contact list
  • Volunteers – number and quality
  • Collaborators
  • Cash
  • Unique Selling Proposition (WOW factor)
  • Potential ROI of investment
  • Size of target audience
  • Demand for product/information
  • Presentation skills
  • Search engine authority
  • Reviews/testimonials
  • “As seen in” recognition
  • Awards
  • Big splash potential
  • Intimate knowledge of target market?
  • Business owner/team Heart & Soul? (passion)

Here is a typical overview of an entrepreneur (or someone future-thinking) reviewing Haves & Gaps:

  • Personal experience – success story (Pizazz and remarkable) - NOT YET
  • Level of expertise - High
  • # of Followers + fans – LOW
  • Commitment of followers + fans - LOW
  • Email contact list - 200
  • Volunteers - 2
  • Collaborators (with assets, lists, followers) - 1
  • Cash - $2,000
  • Unique Selling Proposition (WOW factor) Good but not remarkable (yet)
  • Potential ROI of investment - TBD
  • Size of target audience - TBD
  • Demand for product/information - TBD
  • Presentation skills - Good
  • Search engine authority - Low
  • Reviews/testimonials - Low
  • “As seen in” recognition - Low
  • Awards Low
  • Big splash potential Low
  • Intimate knowledge of target market? Typically, NO
  • Business owner/team Heart & Soul? (passion) - "Average"

If you hire an agency or recruit a joint venture partner, they can be a mechanism/ fulcrum to create leverage and get attention but success comes from the entrepreneur with a dream. The agency will look at the assets and the value of the product or service just as the joint venture partner will. “Can we sell this? Is there a demand?”

Dharmesh Shah not only co-founded HubSpot, he is wise. His views about getting rich:

How to Get Rich:
8 Steps to Make Your First Million Dollars

To better understand the reality of selling video information, take a look at the top selling Udemy courses:

List of Top Udemy Courses

Udemy is only one of many places to sell video information. Here is a great list that shows people are hungry to learn more:

Create and Sell Courses Online to Profit from Your Genius

If you have the latest and greatest discovery, the ‘new secret method”, the belief others have in you and your product ---- these are potentially big winners. Once someone believes in you and your product and they can profit from It, you might have a winner.


  • Understand the hunger and need of those you serve best
  • Create a solution, path, plan, or app to help them overcome the barriers and feed their hunger.
  • Record a 2-hour video that will change the world for this special group of people.
  • Split the 2-hour video into 8 segments/chapters.
  • Deliver it on a website or one of the Learning Management Systems here.
  • Use an Affiliate Marketing Management System such as this or one of the options here.
  • Invite and promote. The target becomes those who are interested in profiting from your product. (Affiliates and joint venture partners)

This is not a plan. There is more to success, but it does offer some key bullet points and resources.

Here is a way to get people’s attention. Pay 80% of the sales transaction to the affiliate, reseller or joint venture partner. Since the cost of information is flat, every sale has low operating costs. Your generosity will inspire others and pay it forward.

Everything that goes big has many people cheering, applauding, pointing and recommending (and selling). Business doubled many times because of the raving fans who knew of our commitment, not simply because of ‘good advertising’.

The Internet teases wanna-be’s working in that rat race looking for escape. They make it look as easy as making Kool-Aid and ‘anyone’ can do it. It is possible, and I am honored to have worked with very talented, committed super-stars who are making an impact around the world. While they are still on the way to a million, they began to realize at some point there is something to Dharmesh Shah’s words of wisdom.

But it first starts with an idea that spreads.

Ready for a million?
Let’s begin with your Haves & Gaps to predict your potential success. 

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