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DadDoes Real (not live) Fish Robots - The Aquabot [video]


You can add fish robots to your wish list this year.  A fish robot is also known as an Aquabot.

The HexBug Aquabot.  These cool HexBugs are like pet fish - that you never need to feed and don't die (unless the batteries die).

HexBug Aquabot work like regular HexBug Nano, but in the water. Simply drop them in a tank of water or the bathtub and watch them swim all around.  So simple, and mesmerizing.  You will want to take baths just to play with the Aquabots.  There are different colors to the HexBug Aquabot and when you get a few in the tank, it really looks like fish swimming around.

As soon as samples are available, will have a full review of the HexBug Aquabots.

If you do decide to visit, you will find hard working entrepreneurs doing inbound marketing.  They have a simple blog site set up.  Each blog article is a product review.  Most have a video to show you the fun toys.  They also include "toys of the year" which is a wrap up so you can make the best choice.

To monetize the website, the links to Amazon are affiliate links in the left and right columns.  

What they are doing is far from easy (Though it may appear to be so on the surface.)  Think about the number of videos, editing, multiple takes, shopping and writing they have done.  

The offer a great service by providing what appears to be honext reviews for parents who want the best toys for their kids.  The video is what sets them apart. Words on a screen can't compare to a video and with mobile computers in hand, parents can go shopping with a list. is a perfect example of inbound marketing in motion.  Your next step is to start the bath tub, buy some robot fish and then consider how inbound marketing would add income to your business.

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