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Boss Survey


How do you answer to the boss?

  • Do you create expectations in advance beyond the the boss's calendar to be ready for answers?
  • Do you challenge the boss by asking hard questions?
  • Are you someone who does exactly what the boss says?
  • Do you anticipate in advance what the boss will ask of you?
  • Do you tell the boss what your best choice is among all the available options?
  • Do your co-workers and bosses ask you difficult questions?
    • If so, do you give them support or say: "Get lost"?
  • Have you created a totally new way to do things, something no one has ever seen or done?
  • Do you seek out the boss when you make an error or mistake?
  • Do you frequently often do you push, encourage and lead your co-workers to do ever better work?
  • Will next month be one the boss will celebrate because you are on the team?
  • Do you insist that your co-workers challenge, push and encourage you?
  • Do you appreciate the boss when he/she gives feedback which contradicts your opinion?
  • Do you thank the boss?

Who is the boss of an entrepreneur?  Is it someone they  honor, respect and admire?  Their boss might be someone who has already traveled the path and knows the dangers ahead. 

Is it better to trust one's self with an obvious lack of experience? Or is it more advantageous to ask for help from someone who has the experience and ask them to be the boss?  Guesswork, trial and error leads to failure without measurements of success and accountability.

Options for help:

If you assign yourself to be the boss when you aren't ready, you take a big risk.

Contact Terri Dunevant.  She will share with you the formula for creating an advisory group. There is no need to wander and wonder. A great advisory group will challenge, support and encourage.

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