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The True Power of the Gift [infographic]


The power of the gift has been a method to start conversations, get a date, resolve an argument, create addictions, get a promotion or a raise, give marketing campaigns a special punch and make people's day for longer than the Mayan calendar.

Science shows how a gift increases the endorphins and serotonin.  The prefrontal cortex of the brain is especially sensitive to pleasure and positive thinking.  The power of both giving and receiving a gift offers new brain activity revolved around happiness.

If you have an alligator brain, you too may be influenced by a gift.  Know that the alligator brains of the world appreciate a gift since they too have endorphins, serotonin and a prefrontal cortex.

Coupons and discounts may not give any business the big win and in fact could result in more customers but less revenue.  

To have high impact marketing campaigns for the long term, this infographic that makes a case for:  "Don't give a coupon or discount, give a gift."


You are in agreement already before you reviewed the infographic.  Christmas was only yesterday and you were experiencing the buying and selling opportunities first hand.


As you see by the numbers, it is apparent that people will be spending more during certain times of the year.  

How can a small business owner go BIG and take action during the times when buyers are on the hunt?  Combine forces with financial instituitions which already have knowledge of buying habits.  As an example, Free Monee provides the service and resources to simplify the process of going BIG.  

This is not for every business.  It is helpful to those retail business owners who want to leverage new technology and resources to keep up with the bigger companies.

Do a test and measure the results.  Be sure the test covers at least two of the big shopping seasons shown above to be available when people are spending.


  1. Will you go 'old school' and use Gift Certificates which you write out personally?
  2. Will you do what others have done and sell and/or give out Gift Cards personally? (You see them by the hundreds in racks everywhere.)
  3. Will you go to the Internet and use a virtual gift card?
  4. Gift baskets are always appreciated!  Order one here >

All are good answers which depend entirely on the type of business and goals.  Anything can work but if you want to think BIGGER, you will make the call to Free Monee and start a conversation.  

Considering my experience with gifts vs. coupon/discounting, I prefer gifts.  A gift is very powerful and offers new opportunities that coupon/discounting would not.

In all cases, a gift is surely going to make someone's day and as this happens, they will talk.

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