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Callum Grady

Callum Grady is a business award winner and mentor who's worked with numerous start-ups over the years. He is the President and Chairman of Logical Entertainment, a company that aims to create the very best audio, written, artistic and video entertainment. Callum is passionate always eager to connect with others. He especially enjoys working with talented musicians and brainstorming TV show ideas. Callum serves as the Financial Director of an entertainment equipment rental company, Retail Rental.

Recent Posts by Callum Grady:

Creating an Innovative Workplace (Simple & Powerful)

What makes those famous Silicon Valley companies attract and keep top talent? Given a choice, the talent went to work for Google, Facebook or Apple. What made them do that? Most people will argue that it's the competitive pay or extra benefits (such as free meals), but I have to disagree. These businesses all have the factor of innovation on side, allowing their staff to think big and to perform in fresh and new areas.

The result is ‘belonging,” the knowledge that they are part of something and their opinions matter. I am a firm believer that innovation is undeniably effective as a motivator. Maybe you are thinking you can't possibly afford to have a workplace powered by innovation, but that's where you would be wrong. I'll go through five ways you can bring innovation to your workplace, attracting and keeping the best local talent, however big or small your company is.

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