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The Seven Most Powerful Words to Persuade

Business propositions come my way several times a month and most likely you get the very same calls. There is much dialog about the "unlimited potential" and how "the possibilities are endless".  The words and phrases can work on both my emotions and imagination to penetrate my overly analytic mind. 

Those who are making a pitch may use any of these seven big and powerful persuasion words:






The person's NAME

Words which indicate they are in CONTROL

In the following video by Kevin Hogan, he explains which magic words are the most effective in the fine art of persuasion. 

Do you hear any of these words during a conversation? It may feel a like an internal tug-of-war.


Few of us walk into a conversation with a goal of being persuaded to invest time and money. In fact, I am very resistant to those who decide the best approach is "persuasion" when presenting an opportunity.  Regardless, pursuasion is what most will try and they quickly leave me distant and uninterested.

"A person is convinced by evidence or argument made to the intellect. A person is persuaded by appeals made to the will, moral sense, or emotions."

It is possible to be convinced.  Convincing someone will require facts, figures, history, testimonials, references, spreadsheets, demonstrations, credentials and a demonstration (or two). 

Seth Godin shares his thoughts on Persuade vs. Convince

" Marketers don't convince. Engineers convince. Marketers persuade. Persuasion appeals to the emotions and to fear and to the imagination. Convincing requires a spreadsheet or some other rational device. "

The challenge to you:  To get things done, you need cooperation from others.  To get more cooperation, you will most likely use words of persuasion.  Understanding how to use the sevn most powerful words to pursuade above gives you an advantage.

If, in the end, all you have is persuasion, you will have them emotionally engaged but intellectually they will hesitate because they are not yet convinced.  If they are convinced, it is easier to persuade them to take action. Touching the head and heart simultaneously to get a yes is no easy task.

Bring your seven powerful words AND bring your data if you are going to build teams and grow a business.

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