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Bob and Bob

bobandbob1bWhen you meet someone new, do you hope they are just like you?  Do you believe it is important they think as you do and agree with your opinions?  Or are you open minded, willing to accept conflict and looking forward to the new opportunities within disagreements?  Do you avoid networking because you perceive there is risk?

Meet Bob and Bob. 

They look alike and sound the same.  Who is smarter?  What thoughts do they have?

What do you say when you meet someone new?  Do you jump at the chance to create success?  Do you worry about being the smartest person in the room?  I hope you don't jump at conclusions and quit your job just because you meet someone you like.

Synergy comes from a third solution where you both win.  Stay hopeful but cautious for the more serious decisions but in the end, new opportunities will most likely come from those you have not been introduced to yet.

Bob and Bob are sure to be back to make you
SMink = SMile and think at the same time.

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