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You Have 5 Brains According to "Conversational Intelligence" by Judith E. Glaser

conversational intelligence

Creating new success is not based on working harder, longer and focusing on what we know. Our current skill and knowledge may in fact become a barrier to success.  

"We are limited more by what we know than what we don't know."
- Judith E. Glaser

You have learned from Marilyn Schoeman about how to change the way others connect with you by using words and a mindset that are "Greenlight". By now, her book has changed your life.

As you evolve as a leader, you may want to improve your understanding about how the brain works.  To do so, you will turn to Judith E. Glaser who has written the book "Conversational Intelligence - How Great Leaders BUILD TRUST and Get Extraordinary Results".  

She will tell you that in fact, you have 5 brains, each with their own function.  

conversational intelligenceConversational Intelligence will explain why you think and act as you do and why others respond in the manner they do.  The mystery of "Why did they say that?" will be revealed and perhaps my favorite: "How do they get so much cooperation from their team without any apparent effort?"  The book does a good job of explaining "why".

Conversational Intelligence™ is the intelligence hardwired into every human being to enable us to navigate successfully with others. Through language and conversations we learn to build trust, to bond, to grow, and build partnerships with each other to create and transform our societies. There is no more powerful skill hardwired into every human being than the wisdom of conversations.

To better undestand the depth and complexity of humans, below is a video from Judith E. Glaser.  

If you have many years of experience, you may find yourself saying: "Yes. I know that."  Stick with it and listen to the second half. Judith will reveal more about how your 5 brains work and the science behind why interactions happen in the way they do.

Understanding how using different words and communication styles impact the brain chemistry, aka, the hard-wiring and receptiveness of the people you work with, will help you build Conversational Agility, which Judith Glaser describes as the ability to navigate at will, or toggle, between the three levels of Conversational Intelligence.

This book has new insights for both the rookie and experienced leader.

Buy the book on Amazon here:

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