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What it Takes to Go Bigger

The challenge of creating a success for most is not in a lack of ability to tell a story.

In fact, they tell any story regardless of whether it is funny, big, impressive or even their own.  Before social media tools, everyone loved to talk about the new stuff they bought or the best restaurant in the world.

tell a story

In reality, the challenge for creating success is in creating the story.

What is the potential basis of a story?  10,000 hours to be the best expert, 100,000 visitors, 50% conversion, deep study, build a castle, make the best and fastest, reroute a river (or dam one with a purpose).  It means doing something, accomplishing big goals, taking action on those incredible thoughts by taking a risk and diving in.  Paint, build, sew, write, sing, dance, construct… doesn’t much matter.  Inventions are made by people fixing problems.  (My inventions are usually related to people, processes and marketing)

We are not trained very well to be independent thinkers who will take the necessary risk.  

We are told to be cautious, don’t speak too much, follow the rules, get along with others and we are also told "face facts" when something doesn’t go our way.

Fortunately for everyone, nature still provides us with unusual and unpredictable humans who decide to ignore everything except the drummer in their own head.  

They (you) create something that is sharable. (Some refer to it as remarkable.)  There is good news for those few who risk embarassment and accomplish so much: the remainder of the humans are hungry for something to share and social media tools give them the power to do so.  

If you are one of the few who create, build, develop, construct and produce, thank you big time for creating a story… and sharing it.  

As you produce, hopefully you will not get a big head, become corrupt and use the social tools as a means to take control of the world.   

Remember to use the Force, trust your feelings.  Don’t go to the Dark Side

Remember that when you do your very special thing, it may be helpful to someone but only if you have the right audience.  Sometimes "who" you build it for is more important that what you are building.

"Look at what I can do!  I can blog!  I can tweet!"  Yawn.  Yes.  Everyone can do that.  It is not the action that matters, it is who you help, and how much.

Can you put a hole in your hand?  The So Cool Science Show master will show you how. Apparentely the video is helpful enough that 4.5 million viewers have watched and learned.

He took an obvious risk but might be perfect for his audience.  He should help you feel better about taking your own risk.

How are you going to use your skills, talents and resources to conquer the world and change the community?  

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