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Business Success Tip: Stop Listening to Experts

business success expertWould a good business success tip be appreciated if it was shared as the title says?  Regardless of the fact that experts come in every shape and size, and a self proclaimed expert makes you as nervous as someone who claims to be the most humble person you know, here is another consideration:

Forget about the business experts today.  Forget about the TV news, the radio, the consultants.  Yes, even forget about little old me.  Pay no attention to the advisors today.  Business can happen without the participation (interference) and help (distraction) of those who can bend your ear for hours and befuddle you with a gourmet buffet of choices.

business success tip moneyToday let there be only two people in the world:

  1. People with money in their pocket and a wish for something more.
  2. The second person is You.

Given this new fact that you have no one to ask, no magazines, no life coaches, no sales people, no advertisers; how will you find out what those in your immediate community want or need?  What is something that father needs to be a better dad?  What about the son who wants to get the girl?  Is there something the teacher could use to save time grading papers?  How will you find out?

There is no one except you...and those in the community with dollars in their wallets.  They are keeping both eyes open for an answer.

The answer is within your grasp.  It is as easy as picking up a phone, shaking a hand, talking face to face with people and asking, "How's it going?  All right?  Is there anything that could change the way you ____________?  Is there something you wish you had?" 

Once they tell you personally what it is they don't have time to search for, you become the finder, the go-getter, the researcher.  You put it on your shelf.  You price it reasonably.  Then you go back to those who had the wish and say:  "Hey, remember yesterday when we were talking and you mentioned there was one thing you wished you really had?  Well I found it for you and put it on my shelf.  Since you gave me the idea to find it, I will personally deliver it to you and guarantee that it will work perfectly."  Ask when they would like it delivered, as they will be astounded that you went to so much trouble for them.

The best consultants for letting you know what clients, customers, or guests might want is themselves.  If you are looking for ways to do it faster, easier, simpler, funner, (and for less cost) then you call the consultant.

If you block time each day to talk to the most important business consultants in the world, you will never lack business because they will tell you what they want even before you have the product.  (But you have to shut down your brain and listen carefully.)

Now that you know the process, now add the internet.  You can know what people are searching for with keyword search tools.  This does NOT replace listening to people person to person but it certainly helps.

Today.  Stop listening to me.  Pretend there are only two people in the world.  Grow your business and astound those who need you with how quickly you take care of business and how much you care.

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