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Testimonials and Positive Feedback

It's pretty simple.  In your email system, create a folder.  Title the folder: "Testimonials and Positive Feedback".  How fast can you fill this folder to the point where it overflows? To be sure you don't forget the folder exists, move it towards the top of your email folder directory.  Sure enough, most of the positive comments in this folder will be for your eyes only.  Only you and your team will see these amazing and inspiring comments.

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Qdabra Video Training Series - InfoPath Surveys

Qdabra Software has a mission:  "Use off-the-shelf software to help streamline and automate business processes thereby reducing your IT costs and making you more competitive."

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Hazards of Anonymous Surveys

To survey people anonymously is not typically a path to business success.  Asking for opinions without knowing the source and background of those giving the answer could have decision makers who are not in touch going down a dead end.

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