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The End of Sales and Marketing as We Know it [video]

the end of sales and marketing as we know it

Sales people are avoided, marketing departments fill a void with hype or pretty pictures and the real power of influence has moved to people in the street. As buyers gain more power with better resources and rely less on marketing messages or sales people, what is the magic bullet for growing business?

Huthwaite brought together a world-renowned team to explain the changes in the market we have today, the importance of sales and marketing alignment, and how to focus on your buyer.

The video below offers new insights about marketing and sales you will want to watch at least twice:  "The End of Sales and Marketing As We Know It" 

The video reminds me of the story about John Henry who drove railroad stakes like no other could. When technology was introduced, John Henry's pride took over and he challenged the machine. In the end, John Henry beat the machine... but then he died. Proving success killed John Henry. While it is folklore, there are many days I pause to remember John Henry's story who did not evolve and adapt and challenge myself to keep an open mind.

The video inspires us to ask new questions and should help you understand how the buying process has changed.  Marketing and sales teams must adapt and evolve. Give service before the transaction and understand that leadership is the new marketing.

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