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Start a Business Online Howto 1 – Aim, Fire, Ready – Use Your Brain


Where Are You?

You are; 

...working very hard to make money with an online business and swinging the proverbial bat but missing the ball continuously.  You try wearing your hat on backwards, a different bat, different shoes, read another book, and the list goes on.  You are trying to follow the mantra:  "if at first you don't succeed, try... try again".

You are;

...looking for a job and not interested in an online business but are peeking here to consider options for income.

You are;

...sick, sick, sick... and tired of reading emails, blogs, online eBooks, articles and find that none of them have the answer... and yet each of them seem to know a piece of the puzzle.  You have heard an Internet marketer once say: "email them until they buy or they die" and the actions of many seem to confirm this.

You are:

...just starting.  Fresh, new... positive attitude with an open mind to the possibilities.

There are many more questions to consider in determining who you are and they are very important.

Start HERE.

...with you.

If you are a baseball player expecting to become a tennis pro and having difficulties, maybe its time to reconsider?

There are two things to consider.


- WILL- 

What is the inventory of your current skills?

How would you describe your will power?

After being a "boss" for more years than I would like to say...  my assessments regarding a lack of results, a lack of progress, a lack of performance came down to:

  • A lack of skill.  (hey boss, I would like to get it done, but I don't know how)
  • A lack of will.  (hey boss, I know how to do it but you know what?  I just don't feel like it)

My response to this is:  If resources are low, you need more skill/knowledge about how to do it with less resources.  Yes resources such as money, tools, etc. are helpful but "skill and will" fill the gap.

I have a 200% rule for those on my team.

You have to give 200%.  If you are lower on skill, I will stick with you if you are making it up with will.  If you are high on skill and not making a 100% effort... ok, but your skill must show results regardless of of effort.  Everyone has ups and downs.... combining the 200% skill & will formula is a big help when evaluating final results.

At this point... lets say you are in transition and addressing many serious issues and ready to make different choices.  Start a business?  Online or Offline?  Double Sales?

  • 1st:  Write down a list of your skills.  Top to bottom - highest skill to lowest.

  • 2nd:  Write down a list of what keeps you from using your skills, to change, to make decisions.  Start with the biggest barrier, most difficult.

  • 3rd:  Write down a list of three to five things you would do every day no matter what to create change.

Don't be thinking about business or online marketing.  Consider yourself and what you inner circle says.

If you know your skills, are aware of the barriers (barriers have impact on willpower) and understand what you love, the best direction becomes somewhat obvious:  "I want to go that way".

Evaluate those you know around you when they seem unsuccessful as practice.  Is the issue one of skill?  Or is it from will power?

A tool to use for making the notes / lists:

TheBrain software is free.  It is pretty easy to learn and their support is phenomenal.

I love free software and share lots of options with you. I use TheBrain to organize my life, and businesses (both offline and online).  (the free version is very powerful)

... though you can use a piece of paper, a chalk board... or white board.

If you have someone in your inner circle to walk through the skill & will list, then use your friend to do so.  Your decisions are important.  

If you are spinning daily/weekly and simply responding to what blows your direction via email, internet or mail.... stop.   Pausing for one day or two will not mean life or death. Work with someone who has walked the path (and not just read about it).

Here is a video from on YouTube.  It shows you how organizing life, thoughts and goals might even be fun and much easier than the days of old.

Your own Brain can help you organize your skill & will thoughts.

What are your skills?  What are things making you feel less willing? 

What's in it for you?

Why is this important?  Because the goal to always move forward.

I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards. 
~  Abe Lincoln

If you begin with hidden skills (unconscious competencies), you will find success much closer than if you start from scratch. 

I am not a believer that a person can create wealth or a business with NO skills. Match your skills to the opportunities.

This also applies to wearing many hats. Everyone has slow-downs and gets stuck because of a lack of skill with some aspect of going bigger with business. The best option might be to find a collaborator who is an expert in areas where you fall short.

i.e. - It is common to see industry experts not have the skills of designer or Internet marketer. Contrary to the hype and fancy promises of "anyone can do it", "sit on the beach and make money", there is more to the story.  Not everyone can move others to pull out their wallet and buy stuff.  You  might be a genius, but geniuses can't do everything.

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