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Speed to Market and Personalization


Is your small business not big enough?  Rely on speed.  Not rich enough?  Rely on personalization. Prioritize speed to market and personalization for all things related to marketing, service and delivering the product. 

It is impossible for an entrepreneur to win based on smarts, size and money.  There is always another business with more smarts, better research, a bigger team and more money. 

If you have speed to market and personalization top of mind, your competitors will find it difficult to compete. Many small businesses scaled quickly with speed to market and personalization but forgot the very thing that grew their brand and reputation.

When you deliver products and services before expected, the buyer will be pleasently surprised and scratch their head in amazement and appreciation.  If you can personalize your marketing, product delivery or follow up; your customers will feel very special. 

It is that feeling of "special" that inspires customers to share and refer your products or services.  Your customers will want others to experience this feeling of "special".

While they may seem basic, here are the reminders for how to improve speed to market and personalization:

checkmarkblackRemove distractions.  Prioritize with speed to market and personalization in mind.

Progress is preferred over perfection.

Be proactive vs. waiting for others.

Focus and maximize the talents and experience of your team.  Avoid products which are "ok".

Be mindful of the five essentials to business success.

Technology can be as much a barrier as a solution, choose carefully.

Basic tools for speed to market and personalization.

Hubspot for all-in-one inbound marketing.  (All in one, fast and easy.)

Basic telephone (VOIP)  (Get up with the times.)

>  Smartphone   (This will be the Swiss Army Knife for marketing.)

>  Social media  (Use the same as what your customers use.)

Skype   (Hundreds of millions are using Skype.)

Slydial   (This is a secret marketing weapon.)

FedEx  (Don't take it for granted.)

Quick delivery postcards  (Great service.)

One day gift baskets  (Margaret is personally involved to ensure a smile.)

Dropbox  (for file sharing)

Mindmap (software for quick planning)

These resources can help you improve efficiencies at every level.  

If you are creating unique, one of a kind products, or offer the type of services which require patience, include a speed to market and personalization mindset. 

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