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Steps to Master SEO [infographic]

way of the seo master

If you are an SEO expert, you have to crack the books and test online marketing theories daily. The world of getting found via search engine optimization continues to evolve as search software gets smarter.  Will Google truly have a power to read the heart and mind of someone searching?  If so, will an SEO expert be able to know exactly the right button to push at exactly the right time? (Not likely)

If you are an entrepreneur, you see and hear the hype from a distance about SEO this, social media that.  You pause for a month to take care of business and when you come back to review the news, it has all changed. There are new widgets, new methods and the old ways are "dead". Who can you trust when the system and tools change more frequently than you change your socks?

"I won't be manipulated" is the mindset of search engine companies and they have low tolerance for those attempting to game the system.  

And now... 

The latest dialogue about search engine optimization (SEO) sounds more like days of old before the Internet.  In fact as you listen to the SEO experts now, you may recognize the similarity in language Jay Conrad Levinson used in his books about Guerrilla Marketing.

Regardless, 51% of web traffic is said to to come specifically from search. People need or want something special and they Google/Bing for the answer. Experts, brush up and think forward. Entrepreneurs, get your head out of the sand.  

Here is an infographic "The Way of the SEO Master" where experts share their words of wisdom about getting found online:

the way of the seo master infographic referral candy
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In essence, instead of focusing on learning karate, paint the fence. 

Instead of focusing efforts on SEO... invest time, energy and resources on having an impact and standing out.  As you create your story, you will use the online tools to tell your story. A remarkable story will get shared and linked to. (Which is what search engines are looking for.)

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