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Magic Hands


I am about to do a magic trick right before your very eyes.  Without you realizing it, I am going to make something important to you disappear.  First you will see it, then you won't.  No doubt, if you are an entrepreneur, you will "know" how I did it.  No... my hand is not in your pocket or your wallet.  I am not going to steal your candy bar. It will be painless and there is no hypnotism involved.  (You can talk to the Mentalist if you are looking for hypnotism)

Since this trick requires your direct participation, I ask you to take your hand off your mouse for just a moment.  Block out the noise around you and focus on these words.  Magic tricks are supposed to about diverting attention and I don not want you to have any distractions. 

Now look at the clock.

I just stole your time.

60 seconds.

One full minute.

You have nothing to show for it the time I made disappear.

If you do that too many times a day, the hands on the clock will keep moving and you will have your time stolen from you ... as if by magic.

Who will do such a thing?  Make your time disappear?

  • People with no direction.
  • People with no skill who give advice.
  • People who take free public domain information, re-package it and sell it to you as theirs.
  • People who don't think before taking action.
  • People who don't care about their own time and spread this to yours.

Spending time learning things you don't use magically makes your time disappear.

Searching... how fast do the hands seem to move around the clock.

Who is magically making your time disappear?  

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