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It's my fake birthday today on August 1st - Gotcha!

All day long there will be a long list of birthday wishes.  There have been a few very special people who have sent me an email card and I thank you. 

Business Success Guide Michael Hartzell

Unfortunately, it is my fake birthday (August 1st) and the automated tools will begin to send birthday wishes to me.  It will be interesting to see how many software systems pour out their hearts and bend over backwards to send me their best birthday wish.

Just thinking about the clickity-clack of automated software where no human dare tread has brought a tear to my eye.

The many kilobytes it takes to pop a text email to my inbox which says happy birthday in black and white has me all choked up.

It is not my birthday.  It is my Hollywood birthday.  Fake.  Just like the free tool which shows my face on the magazine cover.

It is the day the automated systems can celebrate my birthday.

Later in the month (on a day I will not be sharing here), I am sure to have a big hug, plenty of smiles and maybe a big surprise.  Real people who laugh, cry, struggle and sacrifice will add celebrate to the list.  They may drive for miles just to say happy birthday and say something like:  "I am sorry Mike.  I never know what to get you."

If those who said such a thing knew how many automated two dimensional tidbits I get on my fake birthday, they would know how much I appreciate their effort.  They went to some trouble to make my day.

Isn't that what it is about?  Whether it is for business, profit or in your personal life?  Making their day?

Start giving out a fake birthday to all the automated digital machines.  It will prove they do not own the world and do make mistakes.

For those who are sharing birthdays, don't send them an automated wish.  Think of something glorious.  You decide.  They are in your circle.  Treat them like your friend, your family or royalty. (Not a computer.)

I love having two birthdays.  One for software and machines.  One for people.

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