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Inbound Marketing Lesson from Brian Halligan on Bloomberg TV


Marketing reality can change once you have an inbound marketing lesson.  Here is an inbound marketing lesson of the day as Brian Halligan is interviewed on Bloomberg TV.

Take a lesson from the Grateful Dead Brian Halligan says. A few of the talking points from the interview about inbound marketing. 

  • Think like a venture capitalist.  Experiment, take risks and go after the possibilities.

  • Create content which acts like mini magnets.

  • Does your marketing department look like it did ten years ago?  Time for a reality change.

  • The next generation will demand a different relationship and standard from product and service providers.

  • Be authentic and stay authentic.

  • Companies need to rethink the chennels they use with product selling and distribution.

It is difficult to make the big changes.  Waiting for a crisis or emergency which forces a decision will eventually lead you to think more seriously on this.  Avoiding a crisis is also a good plan.  Think about Hubspot as an advance solution.

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